The government in a democracy is “by the people, of the people, and for the people.” Some nations live up to this and other ideal aspects of a democratic government easily, while others stray from the original intent. The Indian government is illustrious for the corruption and intricate conspiracies/ relationships in their government. A government and a nation’s citizens are bound by a social contract, which benefits both. The government is supposed to protect the natural rights of its citizens and provide security, while citizens contribute funds and give up certain personal freedoms for security purposes. Even in the U.S., dissatisfied citizens have initiated movements which have taken the nation by storm. For example, occupy Wall Street. Everyone is adamant about a necessity for change in the structure of the nation. Though the people in these movements may not have one clear goal, they are united by the fact that some sort of change is needed. So my question is: is the U.S. government fulfilling its role in the social contract? Is there some sort of change you think is needed?
- Ranjit Bangu, #RealTalk Blogger
It seems in the last year America has suffered an epidemic of bullying. The news is constantly filled with
heart-breaking cases of kids and teens who are being tormented all over our country.  Statistics say 1 out of 4 kids has experienced some form of bullying.   As a result they commit suicide, drop out of school, runaway, or express violence upon the entire school body.  Alarmingly, Suicide as a result of bullying or depression is now the number three cause of death in children age 10-14. My school, as well as many others, has held assemblies on how to prevent bullying and what to do when you witness it.  

However, as much as they want to help it seems their plan isn’t enough.  The students themselves have to take action.  Empower themselves and encourage their peers to do the same. If you see anyone being bullied speak up! The next victim of hatred could be someone you know, but not if you take time to change the pattern.  
WeStopHate is a teen-run website launched by Emily-Anne Rigal who was bullied continuously throughout elementary school.  The website combats bullying through social media videos created by teens
themselves. Check out the site and see what you can do to Stop Hate!

By Melissa Stamp,
#Real Talk Blogger

    On Monday April 2, 2012, a shooter went into Oikos University in Oakland, California and went on a shooting rampage.  According to many news reports, this has been the deadliest campus shooting in five years.  The suspected gunman, One Goh, had shot and killed 7 students, while leaving 3 injured.  Apparently he was targeting a female administrator, and when he found out that she wasn’t there, he started shooting. Later on that day Goh surrendered to police, not showing any signs of remorse for the 7 lives he took, and the 3 he wounded.  
    How could he kill so many people and not even care? I feel so terrible for the family of the wounded and dead. Nobody deserves to die because of one guy who’s lost his mind. Apparently Goh had been teased at the school for his poor English, and was later expelled in January for behavioral problems.  But, even though he was teased it doesn’t give him the right to hurt people who hadn’t done anything to him.  They were just innocent people trying to get an education at the small college.

- Roya Ansary, #RealTalk blogger