On Monday April 2, 2012, a shooter went into Oikos University in Oakland, California and went on a shooting rampage.  According to many news reports, this has been the deadliest campus shooting in five years.  The suspected gunman, One Goh, had shot and killed 7 students, while leaving 3 injured.  Apparently he was targeting a female administrator, and when he found out that she wasn’t there, he started shooting. Later on that day Goh surrendered to police, not showing any signs of remorse for the 7 lives he took, and the 3 he wounded.  
    How could he kill so many people and not even care? I feel so terrible for the family of the wounded and dead. Nobody deserves to die because of one guy who’s lost his mind. Apparently Goh had been teased at the school for his poor English, and was later expelled in January for behavioral problems.  But, even though he was teased it doesn’t give him the right to hurt people who hadn’t done anything to him.  They were just innocent people trying to get an education at the small college.

- Roya Ansary, #RealTalk blogger

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