A new hot topic has arisen only around the world- Kony 2012. Kony 2012 is a promotion by the Non-Profit Organization Invisible Children that brings awareness to the crimes committed by Joseph Kony against children, thousands of whom he forced to become soldiers and prostitutes. Facebook and Twitter have been filled with posts from kids about the video and many have taken to setting their default pictures as the campaign’s poster. 
Director Jason Russell made the 30 minutes video on YouTube which talks about the experiences he had encountered in Uganda, Africa, which lead to the popularity of the topic. 

Kony, leader of the Ugandan party Lord’s Resistance Party (LRA), has been abducting kids for nearly 26 years and turning girls, around the age of 5 and older, into sex slaves and boys into soldiers. The boys are forced to either kill their own parents or to disfigure or injure other children’s faces. According to Invisible Children, Kony's main purpose for doing all this is to gain power.     

Russell then later on explains that the only way to stop Kony is to make the world realize who he is and what he is doing, since 99 percent of the world population isn’t aware of his existence. The news of Kony’s action swept through social media sites, as #StopKony and #Kony2012 became worldwide trends. Celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Chris Brown were just a few who tweeted about this and promoted their followers to watch the video and sign the petition to help stop Kony.   
Above: Joseph Kony, leader of the LRA

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