The government in a democracy is “by the people, of the people, and for the people.” Some nations live up to this and other ideal aspects of a democratic government easily, while others stray from the original intent. The Indian government is illustrious for the corruption and intricate conspiracies/ relationships in their government. A government and a nation’s citizens are bound by a social contract, which benefits both. The government is supposed to protect the natural rights of its citizens and provide security, while citizens contribute funds and give up certain personal freedoms for security purposes. Even in the U.S., dissatisfied citizens have initiated movements which have taken the nation by storm. For example, occupy Wall Street. Everyone is adamant about a necessity for change in the structure of the nation. Though the people in these movements may not have one clear goal, they are united by the fact that some sort of change is needed. So my question is: is the U.S. government fulfilling its role in the social contract? Is there some sort of change you think is needed?
- Ranjit Bangu, #RealTalk Blogger

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